Cookery Lotto – we’re making pasta!

Caron was first to pick a number and a column… Page 99 of Australian Gourmet Traveller Annual Cookbook, 2008 is in the pasta section and the second column  is papardelle. We’re making pasta!  And the only ingredients are 4 eggs, 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and 560gm “00” durum wheat flour. Pappardelle is … Continue reading “Cookery Lotto – we’re making pasta!”

Cookery Lotto – and the book is….

In my attempt to widen the variety of dishes I cook and also to introduce an element of randomness, I thought of the weirdly wonderful Cookery Lotto. I have lots of cookery books that I might read but really need to start cooking from. Thing is, I hadn’t really got round to doing anything – … Continue reading “Cookery Lotto – and the book is….”

Time for Cookery Lotto…. again!

Right back in the beginning, when this blog started out, I knew that I would have to stretch myself.  It’s easy, so very easy, to just stick to cooking what I normally cook when what I wanted was to see if I could do something different most days of the week. I thought that taking pictures … Continue reading “Time for Cookery Lotto…. again!”

Cookery Lotto!

Well, I know how easy it is to have good intentions…. to make plans that somehow just get a little bit sidelined. Life’s like that. I read cookery books, for example, and think that I’ll try this recipe or that menu.. and then I carry on doing the same things I normally do because I’m … Continue reading “Cookery Lotto!”

Ravioli with a soft egg

I love weekends….I love the fact that although I may still wake up at 6 am, I don’t have to start rushing about, getting ready for work. I love the fact that the Bear goes to make my coffee because I always do it during the week… I love being able to relax in bed, with … Continue reading “Ravioli with a soft egg”

Maggie’s Lemon Drizzle Cake … an homage to my aunt

As some of you know, my aunt passed away a few weeks ago. What you might not know is just how much of an influence she was on my life. When I started this blog, I told you how I had spent a lot of my life not cooking. I ate, obviously, but I got … Continue reading “Maggie’s Lemon Drizzle Cake … an homage to my aunt”

The Beautiful North – Part One

As some of you know, I was born and brought up in the far north of England. I’m only living in the Midlands now because I married the Bear…… I try and get back there at every opportunity. That’s where my family and and also where some of the most stunning places in the UK … Continue reading “The Beautiful North – Part One”

Pappardelle with mushrooms, lemon and sage

“99, column 2” As statements go, that has to be, when taken out of context, one of the most random and mysterious comments ever. If you had been following our adventures in Cookery Lotto, you would have known instantly that this was the answer we had been waiting for.  We had (great team effort there, … Continue reading “Pappardelle with mushrooms, lemon and sage”


Last week, bored with the usual choices and needing inspiration, we played Cookery Lotto, a game guaranteed to introduce an element of randomness into the proceedings. Anything could have been chosen but the rules are that once chosen, it had to be cooked. We ended up with a pasta dish from the Australian Gourmet Traveller Cookbook … Continue reading “Pasta”

No Knead Bread and the one armed cook

One of my favourite things is making bread. I love the smell of it as it bakes and the way the smell filters everywhere. It’s when I bake bread that I feel that I am doing a good job of feeding the Bear. Sometimes, it is just what I need to do to make up … Continue reading “No Knead Bread and the one armed cook”