Meatfree Monday – the simplest supper ever – spaghetti with tomato, anchovy, chilli and cream.

I needed to make supper but there was only me to cook for as the Bear had gone out to eat at an incredibly smart restaurant (work, you know… ) and I just couldn’t be bothered to shop. Sometimes, you know, the thought of going food shopping at the end of a working day just defeats me. It’s not that I’m not organised, it’s that while our apartment is beautiful, it doesn’t have a large fridge so it’s not as if I can do a big shop and get everything I need for the week. I have to do little and often.  

I thought first of all that  would just have cheese and crackers but when I got in, I discovered I didn’t even have any cheese, never mind crackers. I would have to see what there was…..

I did find some tomatoes that the Bear had brought back from his Dad’s greenhouse and a head of garlic. The tomatoes were going a bit wrinkly but at least that meant they had ripened.

I’d previously opened a tin of anchovy style sprats (the famous Ikea sweet sprats (essential for Jannson’s temptation, possibly the world’s most succulently decadent comfort food) and had some left over

They had to be used up

And I had some spaghetti.

I had enough for a feast! I set the water to boil and then added the spaghetti.

While the water was heating I chopped the tomatoes and chopped in a dried chilli

Quickly fried them together

Stirred in the remaining anchovies

And then realised that there was the remnants of a pot of cream waiting to be used… would it work?

I often eat chilli, tomato and anchovy over spaghetti, but tonight I felt I needed something a little richer, a little bit more comforting. Cream would help, surely?

I stirred it in……it tasted delicious. Probably beyond delicious. It was a gorgeous mix of sweetness, heat and salt, all softened by the addition of cream which made it into a lovely smoothly rich sauce.

Tossed over the spaghetti it was just what I needed. It was rich and satisfying and, unbelievably, made from scraps.

And all it took was maybe 15 minutes.

Do you know, that was better than anything I could have ordered from that fancy restaurant.

Another Meatfree Monday success!

6 thoughts on “Meatfree Monday – the simplest supper ever – spaghetti with tomato, anchovy, chilli and cream.”

  1. Sonny is looking on and says, yes, yes, yes. Will check to see if these anchovy sprats are available at our Ikea Store. Unfortunately all stores are closed today. If not will try with regular anchovy filets and rinse as are very salty.

    You are very creative – thanks for another great receipe and blog.
    PS – Have started another No-Knead Bread.

  2. Those sprats are Swedish style which means they ahve a sweet cure.. oh I do hope Ikea have them in Montreal! I know adding cream to tomatoes and anchovies isn’t “right” or authentic… but it was GOOD!
    Take pictures of your bread Lorraine – time to set you up with a page of your own! xx

  3. The tin has the French translation on it so would meet labeling requirements here. Our Ikea Store is a large one and there is a section for various food items from Sweden. If not will try the one in Ottawa when we next visit Lois.

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