One thing you should know about me is that I (obviously) come from a great family and there’s none more brilliant and inventive than my little brother. OK, so he’s not so little anymore and has family of his own now but I still think of him as my little brother.

He came up with this recipe and it has rocketed straight into the family collection of favourites. It is, in essence, loosely based on Nigella’s Ham in Coca Cola, from her book, “Nigella Bites”. In it Nigella cooks the ham in Coke then glazes it with black treacle and cloves. Problem is. we don’t really like Coke, cloves or treacle.

We do, however, absolutely adore ginger beer. So….. first get some gammon

Beans and belly pork 033

I always rinse the gammon because you never know how much salt has been added, and, quite frankly, if I just wanted to just taste a salted ham, well, I wouldn’t go to all this bother, would I?

Beans and belly pork 034

You’ll see a salty, fatty sort of scum on the water and then you’ll be glad you did it. Anyway, you want it to taste of ginger beer….lovely Old Jamaica Ginger Beer           

                  Beans and belly pork 039

You need to make sure there’s no plastic round the rolled joint – cut it off before you put the ham in the pan

Beans and belly pork 040

Then.. into the pan with it, and pour that lovely ginger beer over it. I slice the skin off some ginger root and add that as well to give it an extra gingery boost. I’ll be using the peeled ginger later in the glaze.

Beans and belly pork 041

 Lid on, heat up and bring it to a boil.   Then, let it simmer gently for an hour and a half or so, gently bubbling away with the ginger beer infusing the gammon.   Prod it with a sharp knife to see if it has some give to it. The actual simmering time depends on the size of the gammon so just check it now and then till you know it is done.

Get it out and put it on the board. Don’t throw the ginger beer out, you’ll need some of it later. Put the oven on now to get hot –  200 degrees  or thereabouts.

You can see that it is beautifully cooked and that all it needs now is a lovely glaze

Roasted pumpkin seeds 021 Carefully remove the rind, making sure you leave some of the fat on

Roasted pumpkin seeds 023Score the fat in with a criss cross fashion and then smear a thin coating of mustard over it… just a thin coating, that’s all you need

Roasted pumpkin seeds 024

Remember you peeled the ginger? Grate that and smear that over the mustardy coating

Roasted pumpkin seeds 025

Then coat the whole lot with  sugar 

Roasted pumpkin seeds 026

Put it in a baking tin that you have lined either with tinfoil or a silicon sheet (this saves you hours of scrubbing afterwards) and add some of the ginger beer simmering liquid. Not much, maybe just enough to keep the base of the ham wet. This keeps the ham moist as you roast it on a relatively high heat to glaze it beautifully.    

After about ten minutes the sugar has melted and bubbled and gone beautifully brown and you have….

Roasted pumpkin seeds 032

Ginger beer ham 001

Deeeeeeeelicious! Thanks Lil’ Brother!

Try it. It’s good, honest.

7 thoughts on “Gingery!”

  1. OMG that looks fantastic, I absolutely LOVE ginger so it’s right up my street that is. What did you serve it with?

  2. I made stuffed potato skins ( I’d made jacket potaoes the night before and scooped out the potato and saved the skins) … so there was a bit of potato and peas mixed with egg and cheeses and baked so they fluffed up… absolutely gorgeous with the ham!

  3. I might have known it would be something a bit differnt.. when you say egg, what duid you do with the egg?

  4. I whisked the egg a bit, grated cheese into it and stirred in the left over potaoes and peas. It made it a bit like a flan/quiche filling and it puffed up in the oven… , very tasty.

  5. I cooked this gammon with ginger today, it was to die for.. the ginger is just the right strength, not too gingery but a definate taste of ginger. My 6 year old and his friend also loved it. The pics aren’t that great and I was harrassed having to get the friend fed before he had to go home but I will put them on my facebook page to prove I did it. I also did the stuffed potatoe skins, also lovely.

  6. Brilliant Debs! I shall tell my brother there is another convert. I’m thinking that I might just go and get another gammon to do this next week as well, as, like you, I thought it was just so delicious.

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