Something for the weekend? Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chillies!

I do so love a Saturday – there’s the knowledge that you still have Sunday to come and that tonight you can treat yourself knowing that the weekend is still stretching ahead….

I have a really horrible cough (caught while in hospital) with no Bear about to look after me so I need something that will make me feel better and burn away all those germs… what better than bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chillies? Actually, I don’t need a cough as an excuse to make these. They are the kind of delicious snacketty bits that you might want to make every weekend. I read about them in one of my favourite blogs “The Pioneer Woman” and tried them out. Ree, The Pioneer Woman, describes herself as a desperate housewife, living in the country- with a description like that, how can you NOT read her blog?  It really is one of the best on the web.

She’s right, however many you make, you will wish you made more.

You need chillies (obviously) bacon  and cream cheese…..

Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chillies 004

Slice the chillies and scoop out the seeds. The first time I did this I scrupulously removed all the white membrane as well… but then when they were cooked there was no real chilli hit. Best leave a bit in, I think. I love it when my eyebrows start to sweat after I have been gobbling chillies… classy, eh?

Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chillies 005

Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chillies 006

Then… shove in some cream cheese with a spoon… it isn’t neat and it won’t look tidy but that hardly matters, does it?

Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chillies 007

Then, wrap those little tinkers in bacon! The Pioneer Woman stabs hers through with cocktail sticks, but mine seem to be OK like this. They have to be. I just can’t manage to do it.

Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chillies 008

Put them on the grill pan (put some tin foil underneath to catch the drippings unless you positively enjoy scouring grill pans) and put them in a preheated oven at 200 degrees.

Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chillies 009

Keep sneaking a peek and sniffing at that lovely bacony aroma… when they look good and crisped (maybe 15 to 20 minutes) get them out!

Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chillies 010

Not as neat as Ree’s but pretty good for a person using one arm….

I’d like to think I have the kind of life where I would make these as appetisers, perhaps to be served with an aperitif or two, whilst looking ineffably elegant and making conversation with a variety of sophisticated guests at my regular cocktail party. The truth of the matter is I am just going to gobble these down whilst watching something on TV, or reading more of Ree’s blogs. Just as I imagine you will.

They are so gorgeous I don’t think I want to share them with anybody.

Actually, I am sure they are a health measure and will drive away any evil cough and cold germs. You’d better make them. You wouldn’t want to let your family down by succumbing to illness would you?

12 thoughts on “Something for the weekend? Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chillies!”

  1. Mmmm they look nice but I am a wimp when it comes to hot food! guess I could try these with peppers and two arms….. will let you know how they turn ou!

  2. Those chillies are, I am certain, the answer to coughs and colds! If you want them mild (and still very tasty, Val) just make sure all the white membrane is out, If you want them with a bit of a nip… a certain bite to them.. leave in some of the membrane. That’s where the heat is. They are to die for….

  3. Have got the ingredients and will be doing these v. soon. (Chris has wanted me to do them since I showed him your pics Wendy).. will keep you posted.

  4. I shall be making more this weekend …. I just think they are the most delicious little bite of loveliness ever!

  5. My MOUTH IS BURNING!! haha… I’m such a wimp, but I thought they were so delicious, much much nicer than I expected so I battled my way through about 7 of them!! CHris is still eating them and even Thomas is having a couple.

  6. “Battled” your way through 7……. hahaa!
    Seriously, Debs, just scrape out more of the white membrane and they pale down to hardly any spiciness… but now you have started….they are addictive, I tell you! You’ll be making them again I know!

  7. I have no idea why but I have been craving more of these all afternoon.. it’s killing me!! I am gonna do some using those lovely sweet red peppers tomorrow night alongside a nice steak or something.. I will def be doing these chilli ones again tho, prob scrape out more of the white stuff as advised lol. x

  8. I was playing with the random post picker and this old post popped up – and now I want to make these again! Those of you who haven’t tried them – give it a go!

  9. I was going to suggest those sweet red peppers Debs, how did that go? I don’t like hot spicy food, so the sweet pepper might be the way to go for me.

  10. Oh look, I asked the same question last year that I’m asking now. It’s a sign, clearly, that spring is the time to try these and I should go to the shop now!

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