The Great Greek Yoghurt Experiment

Those lovely people at Total Greek Yoghurt sent me a big delivery of yoghurt so that I could try out recipes…..

 Yoghurt, cheese and chilli oil 006Yoghurt, cheese and chilli oil 012

Yoghurt has been made for over 4,500 years and is eaten all over the world  – for many adults, milk is hard to digest and yoghurt is perhaps the only way that milk can be consumed. It is only really the North European who generally escape the problems of lactose intolerance and can drink milk with impunity.

When yoghurt is made, the bacteria in live yoghurt, by breaking down the sugar into lactic acid, makes it easier to digest and even those with lactose intolerance can sometimes eat yoghurt. It’s worth a try if you do suffer….

And there are so many things you can do with yoghurt  – apart from eating it with honey or fruit and nuts, it makes beautiful moist cakes; it can be used in savoury dishes instead of cream… and it is my mission to work my way through  a variety of recipes and really extend my repertoire.

Phase one of my first recipe has already been started and tomorrow, all will be revealed. Then of course there are the other things….

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