Cookery Lotto!

Well, I know how easy it is to have good intentions…. to make plans that somehow just get a little bit sidelined. Life’s like that. I read cookery books, for example, and think that I’ll try this recipe or that menu.. and then I carry on doing the same things I normally do because I’m tired, or in a rush, or I’m just back from work, or when I did the shopping I just grabbed the old familiars so I could get out of there and get home.

But that is going to change. And you, my dear friends, are going to make me change. The added advantage for you, of course, is that I do the work, you get to look at it and see if you will do it yourselves.

So, I have lots of cookery books….. you’ve seen one bookshelf. Here’s another. There are 132 cookery books within easy reach.

Cookery Lotto 002


Now that photograph isn’t brilliant (I’m not going to win awards for my camera work) so you won’t be able to read the titles and that rules out, to some extent, you lot picking the book other than randomly.


And I’m not going to tell you whether I start the count from the bottom or the top.  But I will be fair – there’ll be no cheating on  my part….. all you have to do is pick a number and that will be the cookery book I work from. Then pick the page number. I will cook the recipe (Frantically crossing fingers that I don’t have in there a recipe for sheep’s eyeballs or one involving 2 kilos of very expensive caviar)

Now that, I should think, will introduce some new ideas into our cooking. And yes, I say “Our” because I want you to try them too!

So… Pick a number!

7 thoughts on “Cookery Lotto!”

  1. ooooh ok let me see if I’ve got this right….. book number 30 and page number 75

    is that what you want???

  2. Tou have selected “The Prawn Cocktail Years” by Simon Hopkinson and Lindsey Bareham… great book, great choice!

    And to be fair… someone else should pick a page number, so there are 250 pages of recipes and pictures… a number, please, someone between 0 -250.

    Though if they don’t hurry up, Looby gets to pick!

  3. Well… I have just been texted the number 49 from Els…. she can’t be seen to be looking on here while she is at work….so page 49 it is!

  4. Page 13 doesn’t actually have a recipe on but states ” a gin and tonic says a lot about you as a person. It is more than a drink. It is an attitude of mind. It goes with a prawn cocktail, a grilled Dover sole, melba toast and a Black Forest Gateau” – Nico Ladensis.

    Well, what a good idea! Brilliant work, Roxy, I am now obliged to drink one.

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