Dorset Cereals Best Little Blog nomination!

I was nominated for The Best Little Blog Award at the beginning of the month – you have no idea how happy that made me. This little blog has only been going since October and to find that more than my immediate circle of friends are reading this has astounded me.

I think you must have noticed the little Dorset Cereals box at the top of the page, over there…. because I am doing very well in the voting!

There are people from all over the world coming and reading about my attempts to make my Bear into a truly Omnivorous Bear – take a look at the Feedjit box… click on Options at the bottom of the box and then on the Live Traffic Map.

All those flags show the most recent visitors… HELLLOOOOO everyone!

Please say hello and tell me about yourselves – have you cooked anything? Has it inspired you to cook?

Thank you, those of you who have voted.. it means so much to think that people have liked what I have been cooking and writing about. And if you haven’t voted yet… well……

If you want a recipe that has Dorset Cereals in it.. look at Bone Idle Bread, possibly the world’s easiest to make and tastiest, fruity and nutty bread. Just try it. You will be glad you did.

So, whatever happens in the voting contest, I am just pleased that so far, this month, more than 760 people have popped in here to see what is going on.

Thank you for reading so far. I hope you come back … but most of all I hope you cook something!

9 thoughts on “Dorset Cereals Best Little Blog nomination!”

  1. 760! That’s brilliant! Oh and so is the Bone Idle Bread if anyone is thinking of having a go at it 🙂

  2. I’ll just pop over to Dorset Cereals and press the button for you. I keep hoping I might get a few votes, but the most I’ve locked up in a month is 5 I think – hey ho!

  3. Oh Choclette – I LOVE your blog… let’s start supporting you for next month. I didn’t know you were in it… sorry I hadn’t seen you in the list!
    Everyone.. this is Choclette – click on her name in her comment above and go and see what delicious things she does…. her name is a bit of a hint!

  4. Thank you Wendy, that is very kind of you. You have done amazingly well. Coincidentally, I cooked a load of cheesy polenta yesterday. We are having the leftovers grilled tonight.

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