Coffee liqueur

There is, as you will probably know, a rather famous coffee liqueur.

In my kitchen there is a jar of something very similar… let’s call it Aunty Mary. After all, I’m not Spanish so I wouldn’t call it Tia…. oh but there you go, it’s NOT the famous coffee liqueur, is it?

It’s me with a bottle of vodka, knocking up rough and ready flavoured alcoholic drinks, ready for the Christmas party season.

.coffee vod, apple cake, 036

This is simplicity itself…. first of all, make some espresso coffee.

coffee vod, apple cake, 037

For a bottle of vodka, I need two cups of espresso

coffee vod, apple cake, 039

and a vanilla pod and some sugar……

coffee vod, apple cake, 040

Slice the pod (look at it shining.. it is almost seeping with deep, rich vanilla-ey essence)

coffee vod, apple cake, 041

Pop it into the jar with a couple of mug fulls of sugar (remember if this is to be a liqueur it needs to be sweet and almost syrupy)

coffee vod, apple cake, 043

Pour in the coffee

coffee vod, apple cake, 045

Then add a bottle of vodka……. all of it…..

coffee vod, apple cake, 048

And stir……

And leave it……. and do you know… it’s not rough and ready at all… it’s rather smooth and delicious!

  Pea and ham soup... and Aunty Mary 063

Once you are ready to celebrate…. Aunty Mary sends Festive Greetings…. and says Cheers!

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