Best sandwich in the world

.. or so says the Bear. He likes this whenever he is at home and would probably eat it every day if he could. Of course, it is not a sandwich in the real sense of the word – there’s no top – and I am perhaps more partial, say, to egg mayonnaise. Or maybe crayfish and rocket… Still, each to his own and that is his choice.

It’s very simple – just three ingredients and a sprinkle of Maldon Salt

Bear's avvy and tomato 001

It’s best made with the delicious No Knead Bread, which makes spectacular toast, a Hass avaocado (they are the knobbly, dark green ones) and some small baby plum tomatoes, crisp, sweet and juicy.

Slice your bread

Bear's avvy and tomato 002

and lightly toast it

Bear's avvy and tomato 003

Slice those little tomatoes

Bear's avvy and tomato 005

and then scoop out the avocado and mash it with a fork

Bear's avvy and tomato 006

Then start to put it all together….

Bear's avvy and tomato 007

Spread the mushed up avvy thickly over the toast

Bear's avvy and tomato 008

Then put the tomatoes on top of that

Bear's avvy and tomato 009

And sprinkle lightly with Maldon Salt…..

Bear's avvy and tomato 011

And there you have it. How to keep a Bear happy in one easy lunch.

3 thoughts on “Best sandwich in the world”

  1. Wendy,

    I precisely used the same New York Times recipe for the bread, but yours looks much much better, I will need to check the differences in the method :)


  2. Thanks, Jaume!
    Well, that loaf is better than my first loaf… and I think a lot depends on the humidity in the atmosphere the day you make it.
    I do love the bread though, it is a fantastically tasty and chewy loaf.
    The bread you made at the weekend was marvellous as well – you must share the recipe!

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