Hot Toddy for a cold

There’s a reason for me being so quiet over the past few days… I have had a cold that has made me feel dreadful.

A rattling cough, a pounding head and aches all over made me feel so bad that I actually came home from work.

I knew what I had to do, of course.

The best cure for a cold is to go to bed, clutching a hot toddy and try and sleep.

So, first of all, a spoonful of lovely honey in a mug

The juice of half a lemon and a slice of lemon go in next, topped up with hot (but not boiling) water

Then stir it round to make a hot, sweetly-sharp mix

Then, to help those poor, tired muscles relax and the pounding head to ease…. find a bottle of whiskey.

This is Redbreast, a gorgeous Irish pot still whiskey (there’s a difference, you know – Scotch whisky is classed by some as the only true whisky and it is spelled without the ‘e’. Irish whiskey has the extra ‘e’ and gets an extra distillation. Three as opposed to Scotch’s two) It doesn’t matter what you use – that was just at the front of the drinks cupboard.

Just a drop or so adds a deep, soothing, rounded flavour to the hot honey and lemon… and with a couple of cold cure capsules is the ideal medicine for a rotten cold.

The next step is the most important – get off to bed and curl up while you sip your hot toddy. Cocooned in a duvet and propped up on pillows, the delicious hot toddy soothes and relaxes….

Sleep really is the best medicine, you know.

After a couple of hours of sleep I felt so much better.

Just remember that, next time you have a dreadful cold!

3 thoughts on “Hot Toddy for a cold”

  1. Glad to know you are better, get well soon Wendy hugs!
    This is quite similar to my grandma quick medicine, she mixes, hungry, few drops of lemon and fresh pepper powder in a big table spoon and throw in our mouths when we were kids :) have a relaxing Sunday

  2. Crikey Ananda! That should shift a cold! Sometimes your body needs something to shock it into getting rid of the cold. And the fresh lemon just cuts through everything and adds Vitamin C.

  3. Glad to know you are feeling better. For us, we would take a very hot bath with some ointment added, have a good massage or scrub, a hot lemon ginger drink and off to bed to sweat out. That’s what my parents taught us. Do take care. Have a great day.

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