Things that make me smile

No matter how gloomy things are, there are always things that can make me smile

This fork, for example, always makes me smile.

I bought it years ago… years and years ago.  I had left home and was a student, living in a ramshackle flat. I couldn’t cook in those days and probably only used it to stir tinned soup.

Still, things gradually changed and I started to cook properly and so the fork got more use.

Look at it – you can tell I am right handed because over the years it has worn down on the left hand side.  We must have been eating fork for years. Well, tiny little bits of worn away wood from the fork, anyway.

Probably the Health and Safety people would say that it is a heinous kitchen crime to feed people wood. I don’t care. It makes me smile. It makes me think of the hundreds of hours I must have been standing at a cooker, stirring away

It’s cold outside, bitterly cold and we spent this afternoon visiting a relative in a hospital. That’s not going to make you smile but coming home to a warm fire and a hot drink…. and crumpets

Well, that makes you smile.

I made crumpets not so long ago, when my sister in law was visiting us, but today I just bought a packet. Hot and dripping with butter – perfect.

Here in the North it’s snowing and it is lying deeply . It’s bright and crisp and while it is like this, I really like it

Ankle deep in snow, in the bright sunshine. That’s good and I smile at that. Especially when I can see my mother’s house

And I know that inside the family will be waiting….

Last night, one of my oldest friends came round to my house with her husband to celebrate her birthday.

We drank  Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial and smiled. Who wouldn’t?

And the other thing that always makes me smile is this

It’s a picture hanging on the wall in my kitchen. I have no idea who painted it or what it is called. It was on a card that I was given for my birthday once….

I think it was meant to resemble me…. but it always makes me smile anyway.

See? I don’t need to win the lottery to be happy.

Find the simple things in your life that make you smile!

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  1. If I keep on eating, Els…. there will be one final dietary splurge for New Year and then that’s it. Diet time!

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