Toffee vodka

I first made this years ago and it is rather like Marmite… not in taste, of course, that would be silly, but in causing complete polarity amongst my friends. They either hate it with a passion or they love it.

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Toffee vodka – at least this rough and ready version of it – is the easiest thing in the world to make. Quick, too. Which is handy as I have a couple of friends coming to stay tomorrow night and it would be good to offer them at least a little drink….. These are the friends who once called me, whilst on a camping trip, for instructions on how to make it. J & M  called later to say they had been bashing the toffees with a tyre iron to get them to fit in the bottle neck.

That did cause a bit of a mess as they were bashing them on the dashboard. Shards of toffee were found for months afterwards.

Anyway, this is the quick and easy way to do it……

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Get a bottle of vodka – it doesn’t have to be good vodka.. in fact, why would you use expensive stuff when you are going to add a packet of Werther’s Original Toffees?  Then, get a large jar

The first experiments involved taking some vodka out to free up some space and shoving the toffees down the neck of the bottle (hence the adventures with a tyre iron) but we realised that while that may be necessary when you are living rough (or camping, as they chose to call it) a large jar was much easier to deal with.

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Step one…. unwrap the Werther’s (they really do taste the best)  and add them to the jar

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Step two … add the vodka

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Step three… watch how quickly it all dissolves – this is after ten minutes

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Step four… give the jar an occasional shake… it will be dissolved completely within 3 or 4 hours. Shake or stir to help it along….

Step five…. decant it into pretty little bottles, wrap a ribbon round and give it as a Christmas present… OR… serve it in a glass with plenty of  ice and some single cream.

I’d like to think it was some sort of cocktail…..It probably is in some sort of chavvy way.  

toffee vodka 001

Oh and be warned. You really must dilute it .. While it tastes almost innocuous with its rich toffee flavour, it is, after all, the equivalent of drinking neat vodka while sucking a toffee.

The way to go is to add a mixer and what seems to work best is milk or cream. M and I like the cream option while J goes for soya milk. It transforms it into a soft and delicious drink. In fact, you could start off a party evening with  a round of this for everyone.


toffee vodka 014

Drinking it neat is madness and may lead you to complete inebriation and a life on the streets.

And don’t sneer… some of us are very partial to it!

12 thoughts on “Toffee vodka”

  1. I keep looking at the Xmas stuff I’m supposed to go to and have decided that a life on the streets is preferable…..this seems a very civilised way to do it 😉

  2. LOL …… J likes it with rice milk wendall 😉

    And as for our tyre lever, well needs must when we’re out in the wild! I wasn’t in the guides for nothing you know 🙂

  3. That last batch was good though, wasn’t it? I must make some more for a pre Christmas Party rendezvous the Bear is hosting….

  4. What a great idea. bit scary to think how fast the toffee dissolves in the vodka though. Why is it all the fun stuff is bad for you!

  5. An occasional treat is good for you! I suppose the saving grace is that it DOES taste so lovely… that way, everyone else wants some and it all goes before you swig the lot!

  6. Ha, I just did a search on how to make toffee vodka (we became very partial to it over Christmas) and I was so pleased to see your recipe at the top of the page. Life on the streets is beckoning us. x

  7. Kath….alll I can say is cheap voddie from Aldi and a bag of Werther’s make for a very pleasant evening!

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